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Laurie Wheeler - we found love cover2

After listening to Rihanna’s We Found Love for two days straight, I decided I needed to break the cycle…so I covered it.

hem - pacific street

Let’s go out walking, I know where to meet
The corner of Pacific Street
Because I feel restless and I just can’t sleep
I need to show you something

See where we stood
There are oceans in our neighborhood
And for leaving things, they’re just as good

Well I don’t know you except for the way
A traveler knows a traveler
The way a station can tempt you to stay
And spend some time inside it

Stay where we are
We’ll wash up at the corner bar
Because leaving here is just too hard for me

Stay where we are
Washed up in some corner bar
But I swear I’ve never been this far before
I swear I’ve never been this far before


I know a girl. I know a girl. Her name is Belinda.

She could go anywhere in the world but she sits in the winda.

I know a lady, she’s so pretty, and her name is Laura,

She want’s a baby in the city and a polka-dot fedora.

But Laurie is the girl for me and know that she will always be.


Ed Emberly and I go way, way back.


= Kay Ryan =

Time lingers

quietly in attics.

Romantics are

always fingering

some discolored

fabric or other,

feeling a deep

nostalgia for sepia,

a mellow sadness

at what keeps

but yellows.

But other people

don’t trust ambering

or court the filigrees

of rust. They’ve

seen lost greens

of memory ignite,

dead dogs released,

and don’t invite

the rainbow beasts.

so fun

=getty images=

Anne McCaddon

If you think you can leave the past behind…


The Starchamber Organization of Japan

A favorite song writer and friend, Belinda.

Belinda comes to tumblr!

You guys. Beyonce’s Countdown. What. 

The Wilderness Society will rise again. Or for once.

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